CPBR believes that a healthy diet with good manners for youngsters is not only very important for sound development of their bodies and souls, but also quite decisive to form a good trajectory toward their healthy future lives.

CPBR serves age-appropriate, healthy and tasty homemade lunch and snacks everyday so that students will naturally come to enjoy and care about their intake. All dishes are prepared based on various recipes developed by experienced nutritionists and chefs in Combi Plazas in Japan.


 Respective programs for nursery and kindergarten, both including
  • Hands-on experience of growing/cooking/dining
  • Learning of nutrition knowledge, food pyramid etc.
  • Parental involvement

Dietary education enables children:

  1. To adopt basic dietary behavior and manner for healthy life;
  2. To understand functions of essential food items, and become conscious of nutrition balance;
  3. To enjoy dining with others, and appreciate meals



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